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Below are the procedures for the issuance of financial instruments for your behalf.

The procedures are as follows:

Two (2) forms of identification
The first is a color copy of each signer’s passport or driver’s license.
The second is a document proving their name and address (for example, a bank statement, insurance card, etc.).

1. The client will provide the necessary information to provide a Term Sheet by filling out:

  • Application, CIS form, and any required text of financial instrument or sample from bank.

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Articles of Organization and applicable Corporate Resolution (for companies).

  • Bank statement/letter showing the ability to fund the Escrow Trust Account.
  • 2. A Term Sheet will be issued to the client. The term sheet will stipulate the terms and costs involved.

    3. Once all forms have been signed and forwarded back to us, you will be required to deposit into an escrow the cost of the Financial Instrument. These funds will not be released until the Financial Instrument has been delivered. You will receive a draft of the Financial Instrument which will need to be approved before it is issued.

    4. Instrument is issued and confirmed by the client’s bank.